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Everyone deals with life’s struggles, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Whether you’re a parent, adolescent, or child, everyone has the same goal: to navigate their way through life’s obstacles to a better life.

As a client—or, if you are seeking counseling for your child—you can feel assured that Dr. Carroll Cradock’s counseling services are not only individualized and cutting edge, but also based on the most current counseling research about what makes results last.

A personalized plan

Clients feel at home with Dr. Carroll Cradock, as they use face to face meetings and telehealth to develop trusting, healthy, relationships and make positive, lasting changes.

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Caroll Cradock

Not only does Dr. Cradock feel privileged to help adults, adolescents, and children work through their problems and achieve their goals, but she prides herself on cultivating solid relationships and providing services for long-lasting results. While each person faces unique challenges, from frustration, depression, and anxiety to loss and grief and relationship issues, Dr. Cradock is specialized in many areas in order to achieve the healthy, positive results you’ve been searching for, with long-term results.

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